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 Edmund Wiseman's Background

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PostSubject: Edmund Wiseman's Background   Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:54 pm

Edmund was born in Berkshire in March 1957. He studied languages and engineering at Cambridge, then joined the Royal Air Force. Lost his mother early in life to diabetes. His father, Charles, was in World War Two, in the Royal Air Force. Charles' favorite films had the Duke in them. When Edmund attended Cambridge and then joined the RAF, Charles couldn't be more proud.
Edmund was happily married to his school sweetheart Dierdre Kendall in 1969. Tragedy struck however, and left Edmund barely surviving and Dierdre dead, in August 1987 at the Hungerford Massacre.
Continued his service as an aeronautics engineer for the Royal Air Force, consulted during various wartime efforts.
Knowledge in Mandarin and Arabic allowed him access into lower echelon of MI:6 for intelligence analysis, under his director Alistaire Stuart.
Became a senior engineer and linguistic analyst. Murdered in June 2011 by poisoning, as a political assassination. Who the perpetrator was, he does not know.
But the dead do not rest so easy, especially when you have a grandson who you want to join part of his life, and a daughter you still want to advise from time to time. And a father of your own, who you should care for in his older days. Luckily for Edmund, there was Orpheus, and such a Vitality-infused, strong-willed ghost was an easy sign-on to the team.

Lily Gwendolyn Barber, nee Wiseman. Wife of Frank Barber, an American businessman. She is a businessman dealing in international trade for various UK corporations, primarily for Banco Santander. Edmund's daughter.

Daniel Edmund Charles Barber, Lily's four-year-old son, Edmund's grandson. Sheltered, doted upon heavily. A would-be golden child. Still developmentally young, enjoys his DUPLOs very much, thank you.

Frank Barber - Husband of Lily, Edmund's son-in-law. American businessman, deals in business partnerships and negotiation. Enjoys showing off his money.

Charles Wiseman - Edmund's father. Early stages of cancer. Former military man, starting phase of senility. Enjoys Westerns.

Alistaire Stuart, director of his branch of MI:6 for foreign intelligence analysis. Little of him is really known beyond his intense duty to the Crown.
Gary Chambers, old mate from the RAF and pub buddy. Visits Edmund's grave with family frequently.
Theodore Bedford, Cambridge schoolmate in linguistics. Currently a professor of Arabian studies in London.

Important Institutions and Locations:
Banco Santander, the primary employer of Edmund's daughter.
The Royal London Hospital, where Charles is currently in their care for cancer treatment.
Cambridge University, where Edmund attended of course!
The dual graves of both himself and his late wife Dierdre. His headstone is beside hers, but he was cremated and spilled over the White Cliffs of Dover, which is an important locale to him. It is notable that Edmund chose not to have a military internment at Brookwood.
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Edmund Wiseman's Background
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